Short Stories

Vision – Harvey Hammersmith

Once Upon a Time in Hell – Emily Foster-Tomkinson

If Then Else – Marco Etheridge

The Last Moonshot – Vaughan Stanger

Omega and Alpha – Mike Murphy

Patriarch – Morgan Wade

Artificial Intellect – Chris Dean

Breakthrough – Nicholas Stillman

Apocalyptic Visions – Mike Adamson

Wishmaker – Kaitlyn Reese

Who the Hell is Freddy Stanton? – Mike Murphy

Grimm Christmas – Gina Burgess & Nick Gane

Beacon – Gina Burgess

Ascending – Mike Adamson

The Protector – Tom Howard

The Ballad of Robinson Clyde – Alexander D Jones

Behind the Wall – Hamilton Perez

Quid Pro Quo – Mark Keane

Observers – Gareth D Jones

Hecatomb 3019 – Callum Colback

The Space Between Us – Melanie Rees

If Man is Dead, Everything is Possible – Walter Milner

Perspective is Everything – Robert B. Allen

The Lunar Moth – Matias Travieso-Diaz

Swapsies – Gerald Cole

Languishing – Russ Bickerstaff

The Late Dawn of a Solar Knight – Jeff Dosser

No Pressure – Gustavo Bondoni

Election Day – Greg Fiddament

Whyte City – Samuel Clark

The Siege – David Arnold

The Bio-Kam Technique – Sam Hall

The Hike – Paul Weil

In The Same Place – Matt Hobbs

Leave Them Be – Thomas Wood

Pilgrimage of the Black Shepherd – Jack Barry

Laborotics – Degen Hill

The Junkyard King – John Tarrant

Fortunius Bix and the Second Thought – Han Adcock

A Heavenly Price – Mike Murphy

Cleopatra’s Needle – Tom Howard

The Tunnel Merchants – Steve Carr

Wait on Eight – Al Onia

Holed Up – Sierra July

The Long and Terrible Journey of the Very Great Fighter – Bill Davidson

The Liberation of Shuna – Sue Nicholls

Tick Tock – Fernando Autran

Emerging Worlds – MJ Fouldes

Postcard From John – David Daigneault

A Thousand Mouths – Alexander Olson

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