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Please ensure the word “Submission” is included in your email subject line.

We’re looking for new and upcoming authors to be featured in our weekly fiction release.

Submissions are to be short stories in the speculative fiction genre. We’re fairly open to interpretation on this, but will let you know if something isn’t suitable.

We, like every publisher, prefer to have first publication of a work but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If the work you are submitting is a reprint, even if only from your own website or blog, then please do let us know with the submission. It can cause a headache further down the line if it comes as a surprise. Especially if we’ve used the terms “new”, “exclusive”, or “original” in any promotions.

We are interested in serials and larger works, but please specify this in the submission so it is picked up by our editorial team.

Due to the large number of requests we receive, we will not be able to reply to every submission immediately. We do try to respond to everyone, but please be patient!

Please check the above to ensure that our submission window is open. We’ll announce the opening and closure of the window over on Zealot Script, so keep an eye on our news feed.

We pay £5 per story that is accepted, and payment is issued by PayPal.

You hand over to us the rights to publish it here, on the website, in any future anthologies (print or otherwise) and for reproduction in audio format, in case we ever get that podcast up and running. We ask for a one year exclusivity period from the date of publishing for any published works, after which time it is free to be submitted and published elsewhere.

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